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While radon kits are open and testing keep all doors to the outside an windows   at the end of the test period follow the package directions to seal the kit

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If you are thinking of selling your home and you have already tested your home for radon,  review the to make sure that the test was done correctly

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State Radon Contacts: Arizona | Radon | US Environmental ...

You should test on the lowest level suitable for occupancy. Radon can also be dissolved in ground water and can be introduced into the indoor air through the aeration of well water during its use in washing machines, showers, etc. No matter what kind of test you took, a potential buyer may ask for a new test especially if the buyer plans to live in a lower level of the house than was tested, such as a basement suitable for occupancy but not currently lived in. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can seep out of the ground and build up in houses and indoor workplaces. Employers are strongly encouraged to recommend home testing to their employees who live in the radon affected area.

Epa also recommends testing for radon in the home in the lowest level which is currently suitable for occupancy, since a buyer may choose to live in a lower area of the home than that used by the seller

However, the closer the average of your two short-term tests is to 4 pcil, the less certain you can be about whether your year-round average is above or below that level. Myth ive lived in my home for so long, it doesnt make sense to take action now. However radon hazards are simple and cheap to measure and relatively easy to address if levels are high. Domestic radon testing is provided free of charge in some areas local authorities can provide information about schemes they run. Test devices should not be placed on hot surfaces, or in areas of elevated humidity.

Radon testers or mitigation specialists may need to be licensed by the roc. The average american receives 55 of his or her exposure to radiation from radon in their own home!  Were exposed to radon everywhere and y our own home is the only place where you can control how much radon youre exposed to youve probably passed radon 101 for homeowners this is from the phd course did you know that all the air in your home is regularly replaced with outside air?  How energy efficient your home is can be measured in air exchanges which could be a few or a lot depending on how well insulated and tight your home is. Radon levels can vary greatly from home to home. Radon has been found in homes all over the united states

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... Radon Contact: Rich Baker,, ( 602) 255-4845 ext 244. Radon in Arizona: / html ...

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RadStar Continuous Radon Monitors. The Professionals' Choice for Accuracy and Reliability. Features include: PC software for downloading to laptop or ...

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21 Oct 2014 ... The radioactive gas radon is a hazard in many homes and workplaces. Breathing .... capable of supplying such detectors for undertaking radon ...

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Mohammad Pessarakli, University of Arizona,. Tucson .... environmentally important gases, including radon and greenhouse gases. While some topics .... automatically is opening up ways of soil water monitoring and soil hydrological research ...

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Arizona, and $8,000 to the Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) to identify areas with elevated radioactivity ..... of radon monitors, and methods for lowering radon.

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