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Michael drake, director of the university of arizonas planetary science department, recently described that meeting as perhaps the most successful in the history of planetary science

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Thus, given the commitment to naturalism, the hypothesis thatthe brain is a kind of computer trafficking in representations invirtue of their syntactic properties is the basic idea of loth (andthe ai vision of cognition)

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These two questions are referred to as the null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis. Recall that rtm contains a clause (a1b) that says that the immediateobject of a propositional attitude that. The earth has a large iron core, but the moon does not. Theconnectionists answer, roughly put, is that when you devise arepresentational system whose satisfaction of (b) relies on a realization of structuralsyntacticcomplexity of representations, you have a non-classical system. So, to the extent to which thought and thinking areconscious, to that extent loth can perhaps be viewed as providing someof the necessary resources for a naturalistic account of stateconsciousnessfor elaboration see rosenthal (1997) and lycan(1997).

It is unlikely that there willbe one single construct of scientific psychology that will exactlycorrespond to the folk notion of belief in all these ways

Vickers manages to put statistical concepts into a fun, understandable light that is entertaining and informative, no matter what your level of understanding and education in statistics. Furthermore,it is a framework defining a naturalistic research program in whichthere have been promising successes. But here the issues tend to concernrtm rather than (b). When viewed this way, scientific theories advanced within the loth framework are not, strictly speaking, committed topreserving the folk taxonomy of the mental states in any very exactway. There seem to be non-arbitrary semantic and epistemic liaisons between the target concept to be acquired and its evidence base.

But what isabsolutely essential for loth, and what fodor insists on, is the claimthat there is no adequate way in which a purely image-like system cancapture what is involved in making to be true. It is notmeant to be taken as an analysis of what the folk (or,for that matter, what the scientists ought to mean) when they talkabout various propositional attitudes and their role in thinking. Theyseem to view the importance of the program in terms of its prospectsof closing the gap between the neurosciences and high-level cognitivetheorizing. It also need not be committed to any anti-learning stance about concepts

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